Suzuki Fronx Vibe Escorial

Suzuki Fronx Vibe Escorial

Suzuki Fronx Vibe Escorial driving – Global Campaign. Always energetic, dynamic, entertaining Design. Fun and complete, We painted this story in vibrant colours. A wide palate of purposeful lighting enhances the scenes and adds atmosphere. The VIBE MOVE play a major part in this cool, thinking TikTok, Instagram social media… feels like it is made for it. 

Inspired by high end content like Hollywood films. Definitely a modern and premium high value aesthetic. Shot in a fresh, vibrant look and feel, rhythmic and energetic like a music video. Stylish people, graphic locations, catching our attention and adding a layer of emotion to this journey. Reality here reflects our aspirations, but doesn’t look inaccessible. The result is a film that vibes with the audience and leaves the viewer with a longing to become part of this. Be it with driving that car or creating their own VIBE clip… 


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